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Fans Mount Protest Over Stargate Tinkering
From the IMDb website

February 15, 2002, Studio Briefing
Fans Mount Protest Over Stargate Tinkering

In the months following MGM's decision to reshape the premise of its Showtime sci-fi series Stargate SG-1 and the resulting decision of series co-star Michael Shanks to leave the show, ratings for the series have plummeted and former fans -- particularly female fans -- have mounted a prodigious protest campaign, the online Salon magazine reported Thursday. "To many fans," Salon commented, "the creative changes that drove both Shanks and the core viewership away from Stargate SG-1 seemed to stem from TV programmers' undying obsession with the young male demographic." The magazine pointed out that by August of 2000, the series had lost 26 percent of its adult audience from the previous year, although the young male demo was up. One female viewer, in a message posted on a protest website, commented that when Shanks' character was killed off, "it seemed more real to me than the passing of other characters on television. And infinitely more tragic, because the wonder and passion of the show died with him."

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