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For more comprehensive news on Michael Shanks' character Daniel Jackson, and the fight to save him on Stargate SG-1, read more at the Save Daniel Jackson website.

Action Jackson
Impact #124, April 02, 2002, by John Mosby
(courtesy of Save Daniel Jackson)

Fans Mount Protest Over Stargate Tinkering
Studio Briefing news, February 15, 2002, from the IMDb website

Shanks for the Memories (excerpts)
Dreamwatch (UK), January 2002, Issue 88, pg. 58-61, by Thomasina Gibson

Until We Meet Again
TV Zone, December 2001, Issue 146, pg. 16-19 & cover photo, by Steven Eramo

Problem Solved
TV Zone Special, July 2001, Issue 42, pg. 22-26 and cover photo, by Steven Eramo

Guardian at the Gate
Starlog (USA), December 1997, Issue 245, pg. 60-62, by Kyle Counts

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