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TheBoy: (This is the old MShanks@ma-at list.) There is no such thing on this list as "spoiler space" Some people will use it, most will not. If you do not wish to be spoiled about Seasons 5 or 6 on SG1, think again about joining, and look at joining the Daniel list The_Alpha_Gate instead. Discussion about Michael Shanks and all his roles is open and fair game! *G* Fanfiction involving any characters he's played is welcome too. Discussion about Michael's personal life is off limits, except for when it is an announcement that has been verified. You can always check with one of the list moderators for more info or help.

Owner and chief conspirator: Tamy
Co-conspirators and cohorts: Felar and Wadjet
Co-hort abductee: Tk

Join at TheBoy list website.

Alpha Gate Yahoogroups: A gen and slash discussion and fiction list for Stargate SG-1 fans who believe that Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c together are SG-1: the team, the whole team and nothing but the team. We accept no substitutes! Both gen and slash fic will be welcome, with appropriate warnings. Feel free to take our team forward in 'Virtual Season' adventures. Come on in: the water in De Nile is lovely! The future is ours. This is a Season 6 free list There will be no spoilers or discussion of Season 6 on this list and no fiction featuring Season 6 storylines or characters.

Join at the Alpha Gate Yahoogroups website or avoid the Yahoo ID hassle and join by sending an email to: the_alpha_gate-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and then reply to the confirmation email when you get it.

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