Dan Paul Stories links

We will be contantly adding stories to the michaelshanks.populli search engine, but here are some that aren't there yet.
If you know of any fic not listed, or at the archive, let me know.

The MichaelShanks.populli.net archive
Daniel Jackson oriented fic

Dan Paul (mostly slash) Stories
Anais - Scratch - Mary, Mary, Marty and Me - Dr Jackson's Diary - The Wedding Day (kinda)
Dangermouse - Undercover - Coming Out (kinda .. I think ..)
Cappuccino - Tasting It
Pam Smith - Requirements
Mandalee - Waiting
Widget - No Thank You, John
Akire - Sensation - Incubator - Objects at Rest and in Motion (not up yet)
Akire Home - Sensation - Should we fall


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